De Villiers Update: Boks Coach Avoid “Blabbergate” Punishment

This in from iAfrica today – South African Springboks coach Peter De Villiers, who was brought before a SANZAR review board for recently working the refs… er, recent comments he made regarding the level of IRB officiating in the Tri Nations, found out that SANZAR dropped any charges of alleging that there was referee chicanery going on.  This is good for De Villiers and the Springboks, as they can’t handle many more Springboks going on the suspended list for the tournament.

However, South African RFU president Oregan Hoskins found out he might be under investigation himself for he recent statement that any questioning of what De Villiers said was tantamount to a “declaration of war” against the South African Rugby Union, and the Springboks themselves by the rest of the Rugby Universe.

Hey, whatever it takes for you to get the Springboks ready to reverse that 0-for-the-Tri Nations record you’ve racked up so far this summer.

As for De Villiers, might I recommend, from my position as a public relations professional, that SARFU figure out a way to keep him away from reporters. Hire a spokesman (hey, for all of the grief I’ve given the Springboks I’m still available to speak to the media), appoint someone to keep him busy when the media show up, whatever it takes to keep him from making statements like this on the record.



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