All Blacks Set to Win Tri Nations in “Soccer City”

The New Zealand All Blacks are on the verge of winning the 2010 Tri Nations tournament today, facing off yet again with the South Africa RFU Springboks in South Africa’s “Soccer City” – the new stadium built in Soweto for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Can the All Blacks survive in a stadium packed with 90,000 rabid Springbok fans?  That’s a stadium size usually seen in Rugby World Cup finals matches.

Can the Springboks bounce back from what must have been a disappointing start to the 2010 Tri Nations campaign?

Will the recent complaining by the Springboks about “uneven refereeing patterns” and the yearly threat to leave SANZAR finally play out on the field?

These questions, and more, to be answered soon fellow ruggers!



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