South Africa: de Villiers Strikes Again

I really, truly, don’t want to write anymore about verbal slip ups by South African coach Peter de Villiers, but it seems every time he opens his mouth, something amazing falls out.  Something that has to be commented on.  There’s a story coming soon about South Africa fighting its way back from the Tri Nations cellar and hopefully reversing the team’s course with just over a year to go until the 2011 Rugby World Cup.  But first…

de Villiers, fresh off of South Africa’s first Tri Nations win of the series, and after going a whole three weeks without making an idiot of himself or his team, decided to jam both feet in his mouth with a recent statement that:


“the (Springboks) support (accused murderer Bees Roux) 100%, not on the deed, but rather on the circumstances that led to the situation developing.”

OK, for those who don’t know, Roux, a player for the Blue Bulls, was recently arrested for allegedly murdering a South African police officer who, it is reported, pulled Roux over for possibly drunk driving.  Roux has been given time off from the Blue Bulls as this situation continues to play out.

Now according to the Times in South Africa, de Villiers might face yet another disciplinary hearing – this one for bringing the game of rugby into disrepute with his comment.  This, coupled with his recent comments about alleged referring favoritism in recent Tri Nations matches with New Zealand, might finally push him out of his coaching role for the Springboks.


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