Welsh Hero Davies Looks to Put Brakes on Henson Bid

I know I tend to bust into Welsh pretty boy (and part-time rugby player) Gavin Henson on this blog.  And with good reason usually.  But even Welsh former international star Jonathan Davies has jumped in on “Henson-Gate,” stating that there is no way he should be considered. 

For those who aren’t tired of hearing it from me yet, Henson has recently returned to rugby and kind of declared that he’s available to play for the Welsh National Team and it would be crazy to not include him right away!  Despite the fact that he’s only played in a few games since returning to rugby from an 18-month dancing break away from the game.  According to Davies:

“He’s the type of player that when he doesn’t play he looks lethargic. He has to play often because he’s a natural rugby player… if he doesn’t play then it doesn’t come natural to him and then he shouldn’t be considered. If he comes back and plays and deserves a place well so be it.”

And former Welsh star Brynmor Williams spoke up in defense of Henson, thinking that there might be a spot open for Henson if he’s willing to play fullback, a position that he believe Wales is weakest.


One thought on “Welsh Hero Davies Looks to Put Brakes on Henson Bid

  1. Small world. I used to play scrum-half for McGill, and now I ended up at Queen’s Medicine. When I was there the two teams were a lot coeslr, but unfortunately Queen’s has pulled away.GO REDMEN!!!

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