This Just In. Guinness Premiership Rugby Changes Name to WTF Rugby

The English Premiership Rugby competition announced yesterday that it had reached a four-year, 20-million Pound deal to change it’s name from the Guinness Premiership to the Aviva Premiership starting next year.

According to Mark McCafferty, Chief Executive of Premiership Rugby, (emphasis mine)

“A title sponsorship deal with Aviva, which is such a strong international consumer brand, is another significant milestone in the growth of Premiership Rugby and provides us with a long term partnership commitment to our sport and to our work in the community”.

Ah yes, that strong international consumer brand of Aviva.  Why, as soon as you read this, I’m sure you (much like I did when I read it) said the same thing.

Who the hell is Aviva?

And to replace Guinness, which has become quite synonymous with rugby, with an insurance company. That makes perfect sense.  There’s nothing better than sitting at the pub, watching a match and immediately thinking

By Buddha’s sweaty balls! I need to buy some insurance!

Yeah, much better than

I need another Guinness!