One Way to Build Youth Rugby in the U.S.

A lot of teams in the U.S. are doing this, I’m sure – but according to the Edinburgh Rugby Web site the “Black and Red Army” has been handing out Edinburgh-branded rugby kits (gear, uniforms, etc for the Rugby-lingo challenged among the readership here) to volunteers who help out with youth rugby teams in Scotland.

It’s not a lot of additional cost, especially if you are ordering new jerseys every year or two, but if you start to connect your club with a local high school, or other youth rugby club, it might be worth it to invest in some additional gear that the coaching staff might be able to take to their own home games and sport on the sideline, or to help the team with some additional sponsorship fundraising in addition to your own.  Especially if you’re one of the high-level teams playing in the U.S. right now.


How Much Rugby Cash Does Ford Have?

I stumbled across this article from the Scottish RFU Web site this evening – Ford has renewed their sponsorship commitment as the “official vehicle supplier” of Scottish Rugby in a six-figure deal.

Ford has also been the sponsor of many of the New Zealand Super 12 teams throughout the years – as those of us who proudly wear one (or many) Super 12 jerseys can attest, with a big Ford symbol emblazoned across the front.

So a few questions immediately come to mind:

1. Exactly how much cash does Ford have for sponsorships, and where does this money come from?

2. Why can’t the USA Eagles get their hands on some of this Ford sponsorship cash (supporting the home team, ya know 🙂 )

And finally….

3. Would Ford be interested in sponsoring an up-and-coming Rugby news blog/video site (coming soon!) by any chance? (come on Scott Monty, you know y’all want to… 🙂 ) (that’s me, always working the social media angles)